Assignments from The Animation Workshop

Below: Images, illustrations and sketches from various school assignments made between 2005 and 2008.

Modelling, rigging, skinning my very own sea creature

Other characters I thought about turning into 3D!

Poses made in Autodesk Maya

Doodles based on other class mates bachelor short ideas.

The initial bachelor short film I was on.

a couple of sketches.

Trying to mimic old art.

Beatboard teaching with Ignacio Ferreras

Assignment from way back on The Drawing School.

Character design with Julia Bracegirdle.

(Imaginary) Intro credits for "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Bugs Bunny animation assignment.

Color/layout/composition/"abstract art" class with Lawrence Marvit.

 My scenes from short film "Catharsis"
made at The National Film School of Denmark
- coming soon -

Some of my animation from DADIU project
at The National Film School of Denmark
- coming soon -
 Selected animation assignments 2nd year
- coming soon -
 Selected animation assignments 1st year
- coming soon -

A german islandic danish stew.

Short film made in 2006-07 by me and my classmates

Short film made in 2005

Made by my fellow students and me in the very first days of our education.
Note: There's no sound atm.

An unofficial poster for the Børnestemmer pilot (cut together from Marie-Louise Højer Jensen's artwork) - made just for my own FUN!