Seasoned Snack (2009)

AKA: The 2009 Animated Badi Christmas Calendar

Involving daring pilots, damsels in distress, baby-eating
monsters, ugly villagers and their nasty larva-like offspring.


Pilot: turn-around

Mother: turn-around
Wee Baby Boy: turn-around
Sleigh Dogs: turn-arounds
Villager: turn-around
Tall Skinny Man: turn-around

Larva: turn-around
The Goodies: mother in her bathing suit and dress. The baby cocoon-like tucked in and roaming free with nothing but a diaper. The pilot... smiling. The Baddies: the villagers and their worm/larva weird kids thingys... And the tall skinny man. His evil eyes (to the left) after he's found out about the missing baby.

A sketch of the mysterious Husband:

Also did a couple of early teasers I made back when the design and the story was entirely different from that of the finished film...

above: early character designs


- Exterior -

all cave layouts done by Rolf Blume-Jensen

- Interior -

Excerpt from early idea of the Season Monster: