Pandaerne (2011-2012)

I had the chance to animate and storyboard on this tv-series. For animation we did 7-8 seconds cleaned and colored per day.

Hope the Danish audience like the show (which is available to watch on the internet ( and on Danish television Wednesdays and Saturdays 2011 and 2012.

Below are my animated scenes and selected storyboarded scenes (Because of my transition from animation to storyboarding I didn't get a chance to work on episode 9).
Note: this is not the final sound mix.

- Episode 1 (Hårkuren)
- Episode 2 (Love For Sale)

- Episode 3 (Global Opvarmning)
- Episode 4 (Plejebørn)

- Episode 5 (Tommy & Jørgen Ingenarm)
- Episode 6 (De Nye Naboer)

- Episode 7 (Vanessa & Døden)
- Episode 8 (Conrad Superstar)

- Season 2 teaser and intro work
- Episode 10 (Sex)

- Episode 11 (Debbie Ser Alt) Note: elephants animated by Kristian Kristensen.
- Episode 12 (Alene Hjemme)

- Episode 13 (Scener fra et Ægteskab)
- Episode 14 (Ødipus)

- Episode 15 (Fristedet), storyboard
- Episode 16 (Julekortet)

- Clips from the New Year Special
- Episode 17 (Conrad i Kloster)

- Episode 18 (Teen President)
- Episode 19 (Demokrati)

- Episode 20 (Vanessa & Alexander VII)
- Episode 21 (Barmhjertige Tommy)

- Episode 22 (Vanessa Bliver Gravid)
- Episode 23 (Debbie Bliver Enke)

Some private illustrations made for family and friends:

Below: a collage made just for fun with some of my favorite bear characters...

1st row: The Bear (The Fox and the Hound), Sexual Harassment Panda (South Park), Vincent (Over the Hedge), Rupert (Family Guy), Polar Bear (Drengen Der Ville Gøre Det Umulige), Po (Kung Fu Panda), Guldkornsbjørnen (Guldkornsekspressen), Akakabuto (Silver Fang).

2nd row: Cheer Bear (Care Bears), Winnie the Pooh, Humphrey the Bear (Hooked Bear), Kit Cloudkicker (Talespin), Fozzie (The Muppets), Rasmus Klump, Br'er Bear (Song of the South), Boog (Open Season), Bamse (Bamses Billedbog).

3rd row: Bjørno (Bjørno og Bingo), Yogi (Yogi Bear), Oliver B. Bumble (Tom Puss), Kenai (Brother Bear), Gruffi (Gummi Bears), Muk (Balto)

4th row: Bear (Bear in the Big Blue House), Debbie/Vanessa/Tommy/Conrad (Pandaerne), Baloo (The Jungle Book), Tim (The Cleveland Show)

5th row: Benjamin Bear (Teddy Bear's Picnic), Bruno (Brunos Kloshow), Little Bear, Vinni Puh

6th row: Haribo-Bamsen, Little John (Robin Hood), Noah (Noah's Island), Lots-O-Huggin Bear (Toy Story 3), Svupper (Go' Røv og Go' Weekend)

7th row: Krebbs (The Rescuers Down Under), Teddy Hengeøre (Mis Uszatek), Little Polar Bear (Der Kleine Eisbär), Paddington, Bongo (Fun and Fancy Free), Oswald, Mr Panda (Ranma ½)

8th row: Panda (Skunk Fu), Teddy (Artificial Intelligence), Mouk, Snuggle (Sun Products), Bear (Janosch Traumstunde), Bamse (Verdens Stærkeste Bjørn)

After the Panda-show was over, I got the chance to work on some covers and inner covers for two Carsten & Gitte games for youngsters:

Game 6 innercover
and disc label

Game 5 inner cover
and disc label

Game 6 cover
note: on this I only did work on the ostrich, hamster, bugs, plants and shadows.
drawing for the game 6 booklet

And here's a little Christmas Card I made for the company

Copenhagen Bombay Christmas Card from Svend Rothmann Bonde on Vimeo.