Cartoon Saloon (2008-2009)

I was very fortunate to get an internship at the animation studio Cartoon Saloon in Kilkenny, Ireland. There I worked on a teaser for their next feature film after Brendan and the Secret of Kells. I also had some shots at working on a comic book, coloring books and doing conceptual work for short films. The internship was great and the guys at the studio are just wonderful! Subsequently I was offered some work on a short film and a commercial.

- Song of the Sea: Teaser
I animated a couple of scenes on this teaser for the next feature film from the Saloon. Fellow animators were Fabian Erlinghauser, Sean McCarron and others. Backgrounds by Marie Thorhauge and Adrien Merigeau. Designs by Tomm Moore.

Song Of The Sea - Conceptual Trailer from Cartoon Saloon on Vimeo.

- I worked on a comic book version of the studio's first feature film, Brendan and the Secret of Kells, released in two volumes. I was on the first one.

- Character suggestions for short film "Kicked"...

- After my internship I did some animation for an episode of an animated mini series based on Irish songs (Siogs - which will be finished for Christmas 2009).
Below are my animated scenes from the episode:

- Below is a link for a commercial I animated on for the studio also after my internship.

Some more artwork for "Kicked":