LEGO Elves (2015)

Bridge by Waterfall

I had the honor and pleasure to storyboard on LEGO Elves with Mads Juul - the great storyboard artist.
And even if it was just four months that I worked on the show, he still managed to pour over me knowledge of his - at that time - 12 years of experience in the field. A very lucky and gifting time that was.
What follows are some pre-production sketches, model design suggestions and selected storyboard frames. See you in fantasy-land...

 Bridge Scene

 Character Designs

Camera shot of work-in-progress storyboarding

Floor plan of the Inn

Sketches of the Inn, interior

Some morning croquis before starting the work

A page with notes on an episode

Development sketches for Ragana's Dungeon

Exit from the mine & Entrance to Ragana's Castle

Mine ride & Throne Room sketches

Throne Room floor plan & Details

 Throne Room, Details & Props


Selected storyboard frames
from the 6 episodes I worked on